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Deadpool Screenplay Earns Writers Guild Awards Nomination

With the announcement of the nominees for the 2017 Writers Guild Awards, “Deadpool” continues to dominate the award season. The Merc with a Mouth’s movie earned a nom in the Best Adapted Screenplay category for the script written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.

Considering how rarely superhero films receive nominations outside of technical categories, “Deadpool’s” performance during this award season has come as a surprise to many people. “Deadpool” already won Best Comedy at the Critics’ Choice Awards, and Reynolds himself went home with Best Actor in a Comedy. Additionally, “Deadpool” has earned two Golden Globe nominations (Best Comedy and Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy). On top of all that, “Deadpool” also recently earned a nomination in the Best Edited Feature Film (Comedy) category at the ACE Eddie Awards.

All of this — the Golden Globes, Critics’ Choice and Writers Guild awards — is building up to the announcement of the Oscar nominations on January 24. Many wonder if “Deadpool” will go where superhero movies never go and earn a non-technical nomination — perhaps in the screenplay category. The film’s already at least an inch closer to an Oscar nom in the Makeup and Hairstyling category.

In a recent talk with Variety, “Logan” star Hugh Jackman revealed that he believes in “Deadpool’s” Oscar chances. “When I hosted the Oscars, ‘Batman’ didn’t get nominated, and everyone was talking about it,” said Jackman. “It’s a stretch to say these are injustices in life — we are happy and making movies. But I love it when someone like Ryan gets recognized… These big-budget or comic book movies are not easy to pull off.”

Similarly, if “Deadpool” doesn’t get a nomination, then “DP” star Ryan Reynolds thinks Jackman’s “Logan” could earn one next year. Reynolds commented on the film’s chances of landing a Best Picture nomination, something no superhero film has ever received. “‘Logan’ looks like a movie that might break that glass ceiling,” said Reynolds. “I know first-hand that it’s amazing. I’ve seen some of it. It’s mind-blowing. It relies a lot on character.”

We’ll have a better idea of “Deadpool’s” Oscar chances after the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards air at 8 PM ET this Sunday on NBC. The 2017 Writers Guild Awards take place on February 19. The Oscar nominations will be announced on January 24 and will air on February 26.


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