Legends of Tomorrow Season II- Ep. 8 “The Chicago Way”:A Review

Posted: 12/13/2016 in Uncategorized


L.O.T’s ep. 8, ‘The Chicago Way’ delivered. Bringing in prohibition era criminality, with modern day movie references, and a rising villainous threat; this latest run blended humor with action. The presentation of the Legion of Doom gained traction and the reveal of their end game sets the field for a fantastic second half upon the series’ return in 2017. Keeping it brief, I press on to my review.

A quick sequence meeting between Al Capone (Isaac Keoghan), his crew, Damian Darkh (Neal McDonough) and Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash (Matt Letscher) provided another blistering example of why this duo, especially Thawne, is so lethal. The offer of service from the duo of course sets another aberration in motion that the Legends need to address. An injury/murder attempt on Elliot Ness (Cole Vigue)  allows for another cool Nate/Steel (Nick Zano) run. Easily the best character this season, Nate is what Ray should have been and has yet to be. Nate is sharp, funny and resourceful.

If Nate is MVP, then Martin Stein (Victor Garber) is so much dead wood. His obsession with his own aberration creation, namely his daughter Lily (Christina Brucato), causes plenty of issues. His dreamily, and foolishly, allowing events to unfold while he rhapsodizes over each ‘new’ memory was fairly awful. Ray’s incompetence after nearly two years as a superhero was no less so. Again, Brandon Routh needs to speak to his agent. His friendship/bromance with Nate does work however. He also gets line of the night for quoting the outstanding 80s classic “The Untouchables” while taking on Capone’s men, stating “bringing guns to a laser fight” with butchered Scottish accent. Nate gets a point as well for posing as Elliot Ness and introducing Ray as “Agent Robert Deniro”. The show’s sense of play has been spot on and has allowed the show to differentiate itself from standard darker hero genre fare.

While Nate plots to track and maintain the chain of events leading to Capone’s undoing via finding his ledger which brings about his indictment and incarceration via tax evasion, Sara (Caity Lotz) and Stein get captured by Thawne. Their capture leads to the introduction of the league’s newest member, Malcolm Merlyn (John  Barrowman) who proves he is a manipulative bastard wherever or whenever he might be. His offer to Sara yields the answer one would expect and Stein’s revealing his weakness to her should have yielded a different, if heart wrenching result. Stein’s moment with Thawne however yielded a four star moment and re-visitation of the gold that was Flash’s season 2. The following visit to the Wave Rider by “Stein” was tour de force and led to some superb battle sequences in which the presence of a speedster proves an overwhelming aspect to overcome.

Rory (Dominic Purcell) again rises to the occasion proving that a criminal’s perspective can be more effective when dealing with staunch criminals. The pairing of a 40s/50s superhero with an amoral criminal has easily been one of the highlights of this season. Rory’s moments with Amaya/Vixen (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) continue to resonate; creating an odd chemistry of sorts that acts as a counteragent to Rory’s potential unravelling via his hallucinatory meetings with the deceased Leonard Snart (Wentworth Miller).  Snart’s return however seems inevitable as a variant of him is poised to become the Legion’s fourth member.

The battle sequences between former league members Merlyn and Sara were brief but stellar. Inevitably the object the group seeks becomes a bargaining chip and a reveal of the combined items Thawne has been collecting yields an immense payoff. The notion of what the group seeks is disrupted by a reveal of the former Wave Rider’s Captain’s whereabouts.

Overall, a very solid run with epic build up and payoffs was proffered.  A far superior end game, and enemy, is promised with this sophomore season. If the show runners can maintain this gold standard, LOT season II will unquestionably remain simply outstanding and well worth your time.

Choice comedic quips are as followsJ

Gideon: Special Agent Ness has suffered severe hypoxia. It will take some time to reverse his brain damage.

Nate: You can reverse brain damage? Why haven’t you helped Rory out?

Gideon: Who says I haven’t?


Ray: You know, if this is the week the Feds get Capone’s ledger, why does it take four more years for them to take him down?

Nate: Because it’s the Federal government.


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