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Batman Actually Received Write-In Votes During Election

It would be so easy to throw in  a “Joker” comment, but I will  just let this stand as is:) REc

There are apparently people still out there who don’t take voting seriously. For some reason or other, they’d rather go and wait in line and vote for someone they know will never, ever make it into office. That’s right, some people actually voted for a fictional character during the presidential elections. Who did they vote for? Batman.

Osceola County, located in Arkansas, recently put together a news report that confirmed over a thousand of its residents wrote in pop culture icons like Batman and Mickey Mouse on the ballot. Community Relations Coordinator, Amber Smith, spoke about the trend.

“When I go to speak to the students at the high schools during our voter registration drives I always bring this topic up. I have noticed a trend, that a lot of times the write in names mirror those of whatever movie is popular.”

Smith goes on to say that they’ve had people put in superhero names before, but that this is the first year where only Batman was the only superhero written in.

“We usually have a wider range of super heroes. This year we only had Batman. In year’s past, Captain America and Iron Man were favorites. I was surprised that none of the Star Wars characters made the list this year. And our close proximity to Walt Disney World means there are always votes for Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. This year, we saw some new Disney characters make the list, such as Goofy and Pluto.”

There’s nothing really left to say about this, is there?

Source: Osceola News-Gazette via


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