Matt Ryan to Fans of John Constantine….:(

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Matt Ryan Has A Message For Constantine Fans (

Heres a thought. Fans should buy the series on DVD/Blu Ray… watch it in whatever form is available and generate interest in the series… remember no one thought Young Justice would be back either…. Just sayin’ 🙂 REC. 

  • Brandon Davis
Constantine may be dead as a TV series but the fandom is still very much alive.

The DC Comics character only saw one season in a titular role at NBC but the rallying of the fans earned him an appearance in the DC Comics universe on the CW. Still, it wasn’t enough to satisfy fans hungry for more dances with the devilish necromancer. Comment sections and twitter remarks constantly cry out for more of the character played by Matt Ryan.

Over the weekend, Ryan appeared at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest, alongside several actors from Arrow and The Flash. had the chance to catch up with the actor regarding a potential future for his role as Constantine.

“Never say never, right?” Ryan said. It was the best he could offer, not knowing whether or not fans should actually expect to see Constantine pop up on television again.

He does, however, has a meesage for those fans.

“I’d just like to say ‘Thank you fans for all the support you’ve given me from playing this character. It’s such an iconic role and to have you guys support me is just a fantastic thing so thank you very, very much.”

Constantine ran from October of 2014 to February of 2015 on NBC. There were 13 episodes. The titular anti-hero appeared on Arrow in the show’s fourth season on the CW. The voice of Ryan as Constantine will, however, be heard again. The actor performed the voice of John Constantine for the upcoming Justice League Dark animated movie.


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