Flash Season II Ep. 7 – “Killer Frost”: A Review

Posted: 11/23/2016 in Uncategorized


“Killer Frost”, directed by Kevin Smith, in his second turn at the helm for the Flash series was a far superior product than last year’s trippy “Runaway Dinosaur”. While not perfect by any means, this episode nicely navigated past what could have been a series damaging arc. Danielle Panabaker nailed her performance as Frost. Some momentum was obtained as regards new big bad “Savitar” and a predictable reveal was brought forth in an end segment. My opening volley delivered; on to my review.

We open where we left off, namely revisiting the cliff hanger ending of the Flash (Grant Gustin) about to get skewered by a Transform…eerr “Savitar”. Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) intercedes, firing at the self professed “god of speed” per Barry’s guidance as no one but the Flash seems to see the guy initially. We then get a demonstration of Savitar’s speed, easily surpassing that of either Zoom or Reverse Flash in a cool visual sequence featuring the armored villain running on water and moving so fast, Team Flash can’t even track him. Dr. Alchemy escapes as do the kneeling acolytes except one whom the detective apprehends and brings in for questioning. Wally (Kieynan Lonsdale) currently in Terrigeni….errr…cocoon state is returned to S.T.A.R. labs.

There is a great deal of division in this ep which made for good drama but not necessarily fun watching. This is noteworthy as this season was purported to be lighter than season two which got astoundingly grim. One of the strongest aspects of the show is the team dynamic, namely the support provided by his brilliant and empathetic friends. With the direction this season has taken, all but two of his team mates are meta humans. I understand the push to make both Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Kaitlin Snow (Panabaker) active participants in the battles to come  as it adds due gravitas to the show. The notion of losing one’s purpose is superbly presented with Kaitlin’s 0 – 60 ascension as Frost. This aspect worked very well as it illustrates we all have darkness in us and when we are emotionally broken, such enhancements do not necessarily improve matters.

She goes so very dark so very fast, however, that is unsettling and maybe that is the point. If someone as kind and honorable as Kaitlin can become ultra violent and spew forth the venom she seems to effortlessly do, what chance does someone far less good or stable have when gifted with powers? Kaitlin’s own inner battle and assignment of blame on Barry, justifiably, spirals, bringing Cisco into the mix. Her stating plainly that both her affliction and the death of Cisco’s brother are the result of Barry’s time meddling is brutally truthful. At the heart of his actions was ultimately a selfish act. When Reverse Flash/Eobard Thawne (Matt Letscher), in the series opener, calls Barry the villain of the piece, he isn’t completely wrong.

The demonstration of Frost’s abilities was well… outstanding. Her interrogation sequence was superb, showing that despite her scientific and medical brilliance, there is quite a bit of hardness within. Her later moment with Julian Albert (Tom Felton) however pushed matters too far, closer to the precipice of outright criminality as she forces him to track Alchemy’s acolytes. Her battle sequences and her kiss sequence with the Flash were straight out of the pages and presented tour de force action, including Cisco’s own demonstration as he engages her in battle along with the Flash.

The fragmenting of the group extended to Joe who for the first time questions the tactics and results of the S.T.A.R. crew. His opting for his own detective skills as a means of helping his son did yield an unexpected arc of him partnering up with H.R. Wells (Tom Cavanaugh) who is far less irritating with this run. The exhibition of Wells’ “idea-man” posturing being effective was well done, along with the demonstration of genuine humanity as he backs Joe’s play.

Iris (Candice Patton) returned to form with this run, choosing to motivate Barry rather than bemoaning her lack of abilities and not being a true asset to the team. She actually pushes him toward a do or die… moment (literally) with Kaitlin in hopes of repairing their relationship and pulling her from the brink – not to mention appealing to her skill as a physician to help Wally.

A lot goes down with this run. We have the re-introduction of a long time fan favorite. We are pulled from the edge in several instances and we have a confirmation of a villain’s identity that comes as no surprise. Julian’s dick move regarding keeping Kaitlin from being arrested eliminates any positive traction his character made in previous episodes as he forces Barry to make an unreasonable sacrifice.

Overall, a lot got done with this run. There is more of an air of commitment now as some debris is cleared and alliances duly established. Savitar’s grand purpose has yet to be revealed and I can only hope they keep the slow burn technique regarding this villain as it worked exceedingly well in previous seasons. Flash seems back on track for remaining simply outstanding and well worth your time.


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