LOT – Season II – Ep. 6 – “Outlaw Country”: A Review

Posted: 11/22/2016 in Uncategorized


Legends of Tomorrow seems to have found its groove. Nick Zano’s Nate Heywood/Steel continues to be MVP in every respect.  Mick Rory’s (Dominic Purcell) friendship with Vixen/Amaya (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) continues to evolve. Sara (Caity Lotz) continues to prove herself as leader of the Legends. A long time DC legend returns with mixed results. Overall, however LOT again brings their A Game. Now – on to my review.

The introduction of Quentin Turnbull (Jeff Fahey) assures of two things. First, Jonah Hex (Johnathan Schaech) will unquestionably appear. Second, Time Pirates are pretty inept. The tracking of “Turnbull Country” anomaly brings the group back to the old west, namely Colarado in 1874. This is a time Rory enjoys due to the lack of rules and restrictions. The charging of Vixen with keeping watch over Rory plays for laughs with the newest Legend member declaring she “drew short straw”.

The discovery of an about to be executed Hex, leads to the team’s intercession and some fairly fun moments with Nate. Nate is funny. He is what Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) should be. He owns his scholastic “nerdiness” and dives into the opportunity to be a hero. His joyfully transforming while deflecting bullets was well…awesome. He brings the aspect of fun to this show. Rory brings the funny lines but at heart is a pyromaniac with anger issues. Nate is an earnest good guy who is trying to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather’s legacy.

Schaech’s Hex again does not deliver. He looks the part, down to his battle worn hat and uniform. He has the mannerisms, but he lacks the grit. While many despised the cinematic version of “Jonah Hex”, Josh Brolin unquestionably brought the grit and humanity that brought this seldom used character to life. Schaech tries… but he simply doesn’t have it. His ‘you’re a lady’ balking when learning Sara is now the group’s leader is disingenuous as he has seen her in action previously and knows she is more than capable. We do learn the back story account of why Hex hates Turnbull but again, it lacks the due gravitas.

The bar moments between Rory and Turnbull however deliver. Sara asks Amaya to watch over him figuring he will act rashly and immediately engage. What happens instead is so much funnier and better, along with Amaya’s wearily explaining the situation to Sara. The pairing of Ray and Nate works well as they are different aspects of the same character with the newer team member being more focussed and engaging. The discovery of the source of Turnbull’s power being Dwarf Star being extracted from a mine clears the path for the return of the “ATOM” and hopefully a better story arc for Palmer. Hex’s actions undermining the group’s leads to what should be a heart-felt reveal in a moment with Sara…it does not….

Nate’s saving Rory demonstrates the limits of his invulnerability as well as an illustration of exactly how powerful a weapon Dwarf Star matter presents. Nate’s later sequence with a train was big screen movie level in delivery. His end sequence moment with Ray assures his inevitable full on “Steel” evolution.

The Martin Stein (Victor Garber) divergent time line arc seems unnecessary and will assuredly be pushed aside for next week’s “Invasion” crossover. The aspect of a deep consequence to the group’s frequent dabbling however might have some dramatic oomph to offer. The levity that pervades this show, however, will ultimately take the lead as LOT does not and cannot take itself too seriously. It isn’t that kind of show but with its latest back to back successes, Legends is working toward being simply outstanding and well worth your time.

Comedic line of the night as always involves Mick Rory:

Jonah Hex: Where’s Rip?

Sara: He’s MIA.

Hex: Damn. How the hell did you miscreants manage not to get yourselves killed without him?

Amaya: Miss Lance has been serving as captain.

Hex: But she’s a lady. You’re a lady, right?

Sara: You know I can take your life as easy I saved it.

Hex: Oh, fiery. Whoever breaks her is in for a wild ride.

Mick: Too bad this filly’s into other fillies.

Hex: You don’t say.







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