AOS- Ep. 5 – “The Good Samaritan”: A Review

Posted: 11/02/2016 in Uncategorized


Again, AOS delivers with another exceptional foray. This ep had goodly amount of action, back story development and a very fine twist that no one could have anticipated. As with “The Walking Dead”, AOS continues to surprise. If only the viewership were similar. Ah well, I’ll get to the point and start my review.

We open with Director Mace (Jason O’Mara) ordering Jemma (Elisabeth Hentsridge) to “help out” on a government mission as a “favor”. She is taken out of play and her whereabouts are left unknown for this episode. After Mace’s shadow ops turn via his meeting in last week’s closing sequence, we are uncertain what his end game now is…particularly as he is now “beholden” to Senator Nadeer (Parminder Nagra). His next action opens the field to another schism within S.H.I.E.L.D. as he takes on Coulson for harboring two fugitives, Robbie Reyes (Gabriel Luna) and Daisy/Quake (Chloe Bennett).

The incursion by Mace is preceded by Daisy reaching out to Gabe (Lorenzo James Henrie) to take him out of harm’s way as Lucy Bauer (Lilli Birdsell) has taken the Reyes brothers’ uncle Eli Morrow (Jose Zuniga) to help her “crack” the Darkhold and restore her humanity. More back story shows how the Momentum Group became corrupted, particularly their leader, Lucy’s husband, Joe (Kerr Smith). A brilliant connection with the Isodyne group, and later Roxxon, is made, in effect linking this series with Agent Carter and unquestionably the MCU movie verse. This is where Marvel excels. They freely acknowledge all parts of their machinery, which in turn provides due rewards to fans. You won’t get Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark walking through either the Netflix Universe or ABC’s AOS, but you will get the affirmation that he and his compatriots are out there.

While the trio of Daisy, Gabe and Robbie hide, the truth about his inner passenger is revealed. Daisy’s attempts to present Robbie as a “secret agent” to Gabe to spare him the truth we know is a band aid and not a very secure one. The origin story is given due reverence and links with another existing long time franchised character. The truth is actually quite unexpected. Robbie’s deal with the devil is not clear cut, nor is the source of his power. The brothers’ perspective was a cool angle, accounting for each man’s life perspective. Though he is paralyzed as a result of the drive by at the hands of Los Locos, Gabe accepts his lot recalling a “good Samaritan” pulling him free of the wreckage of the bullet riddled car. Robbie’s perspective allows for what actually happened, including the Samaritan’s real identity and purpose. We learn who put the hit into play as well. Some good dramatic moments ensue via Luna’s haunted performance.

Honestly, for the “Rider” alone, the series is worth watching. Luna sells both aspects of this conflicted anti-hero. Mace’s attempt to trap him and ensuing one on one were movie level quality. Seeing Reyes morph never gets old. All demonstrations of his presence/powers are superb. His attempts to break through a containment unit, that has held other enhanced humans in the past, yields one of the best comedy moments of the night, delivered wryly of course by Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg).  When the new director asks Coulson what Reyes is, he tells him his powers are supernaturally based via a “deal with the devil”. Fitz (Ian DeCaestecker) balks to which Coulson replies. “His skull being on fire….yes…I’m going with Hail Satan…” With the Whedon influence, comedy is never far removed. I cite the earlier debate between Coulson and Mace in which the director asks him if he thinks he is being “Han Solo, a rebel, fighting the ‘empire’ of S.H.I.E.L.D.” to which Coulson glibly retorts he is more like “General Akbar, an unsung hero” of the piece.

The final sequence is filled with an abundance of holy effs including a showdown between this season’s big bad, Lucy Bauer, and the Rider himself. The revelations throughout this segment were far more amazing than any battle sequence could have been, though the earlier Mace vs. Rider sequence delivered wonderfully. The denouement opens the field to another game entirely. Once again, AOS proves simply outstanding and well worth your time.


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