Gone in A Flash?

Posted: 10/31/2016 in Uncategorized


No Power Rangers Flash director? Ah well…DC’s still got Wonder Woman for which I am optimistic. REC


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The 2018 live-action “Flash” film has lost its director, Rick Famuyiwa (“Dope”).

According to Variety, Famuyiwa left “The Flash” over creative differences with Warner Bros. Famuyiwa is the second director to depart Warner Bros.’ “Flash” film, after Seth-Grahame-Smith (“Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”) left the project earlier this year. The studio has reportedly yet to comment on Famuyiwa’s “Flash” exit.

The situation mirrors director Michelle MacLaren’s departure from the Gal Gadot-led “Wonder Woman” film over the same reason. Patty Jenkins was swiftly brought on to replace MacLaren — though no one has filled the shoes of Famuyiwa at this time.

“When I was approached by Warner Bros and DC about the possibility of directing The Flash, I was excited about the opportunity to enter this amazing world of characters that I loved growing up, and still do to this day. I was also excited to work with Ezra Miller, who is a phenomenal young actor,” Famuyiwa said with regard to his departure. “I pitched a version of the film in line with my voice, humor, and heart. While it’s disappointing that we couldn’t come together creatively on the project, I remain grateful for the opportunity. I will continue to look for opportunities to tell stories that speak to a fresh generational, topical, and multicultural point of view. I wish Warner Brothers, DC, Jon Berg, Geoff Johns, and Ezra Miller all the best as they continue their journey into the speed force.”

“The Flash” is currently scheduled for a March 16, 2018 release — though it’s unclear if Famuyiwa’s departure has altered the target. Pre-production on the film was set to kick-off in early 2017. When Grahame-Smith left the project, pre-production was also set to start shortly thereafter, but was delayed to allow for a new director to step in.

“The Flash’s” cast includes Ezra Miller (“The Perks of Being a Wallflower”) as the Scarlet Speedster, Kiersey Clemons — who previously worked on “Dope” with Famuyiwa — as Iris West, Billy Crudup (“Watchman”) as Barry Allen’s father, Henry Allen, and Ray Fisher (“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”) as Cyborg.


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