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Non-Netflix subscribers and fans waiting to pick up a physical copy of the Marvel streaming series “Daredevil” may not have to wait much longer. While official information has yet to be unveiled about “Daredevil” season one’s home video release, a listing for the Blu-ray set has appeared on Walmart’s site. According to the listing, season one of the Marvel/Netflix series will arrive on November 8. That’s over a year and a half after the 13 episodes all debuted on the streaming service, back in April 2015.

The synopsis for the series reads:

“Daredevil” follows Matt Murdock, attorney by day and vigilante by night. Blinded by an accident as a child, Murdock uses his heightened senses as Daredevil, fighting crime on the streets of New York after the sun goes down. His efforts are not welcomed by powerful businessman Wilson Fisk – aka Kingpin – and others whose interests collide with those of Daredevil. Though Murdock’s day job suggests a man who believes in the criminal justice system, his alter ego proves otherwise, as he takes the law into his own hands to protect his Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood and the surrounding communities.

Subtitles: English SDH (Subtitles for Deaf and Hearing Impaired).


Further proof that a Blu-ray edition of the Netflix show is on the way can be found on onAmazon, although that site doesn’t list a release date. “Daredevil” season one has already been released in the UK; it was revealed in July that the season would arrive on Blu-ray in early October.

If “Daredevil” season one is on track for a November 8 release date, one could speculate that the rest of the Netflix shows — “Jessica Jones” and “Luke Cage,” so far — could also get home video releases. Whether or not every season of a Netflix/Marvel show will have a similar waiting period in-between premiere and Blu-ray release remains to be seen.


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