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Wolverine Sequel Logan Gives First Look at Patrick Stewart as Old Professor X

Logan, the upcoming third and final outing for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, reveals Patrick Stewart as an elderly Professor X.

NEWSJoseph Baxter

Oct 6, 2016

Things are certainly cooking right now in the Wolverine 3 kitchen with yesterday’s dramatic reveal of the film’s surprisingly minimalistic title,Logan, along with an intriguing close-up image of the cut-laden hand of an adamantium-claws-sprouting Wolverine being held by what appears to be a child’s hand. This morning, however, director James Mangold decided to drop another exciting tidbit about the purported “Old Man Logan” movie with the first look at Patrick Stewart as Old Man Xavier!

Taking to Twitter, Logan director James Mangold – who just yesterday made the film’s title reveal – came back to the revelatory well to whet fan appetites further with a photo of Patrick Stewart reprising his classic role as Professor Charles Xavier in a uniquely aged manner. While the knighted legend of stage, screen and USS Enterprise Captain’s Chairs is hardly a spring chicken at 76 years of age, the photo shows Stewart’s Xavier in a serious state of advanced age, sporting an angry grimace and visible age spots almost akin to the aged Picard of Q’s flash-forward in the Star Trek: The Next Generation finale “All Good Things.”

Taken w/ Leica S 007 Summicron 100mm, ISO 3200 1/250 ƒ3.4 — by JM

That, however, is the point of Logan, which will be the planned final franchise bow for Hugh Jackman’s prolific and already-legendary iteration of Wolverine/Logan, which began way back in Bryan Singer’s original 2000 series launcher X-Men. As has been hinted for quite some time, this thirdWolverine solo effort will likely be taking place sometime in the future of the series timeline, standing in a chronologically opposite place of the current decade-flashback-set X-Men team films (in which James McAvoy plays a younger Xavier). The film will (in an extremely loose manner,) adapt Marvel’s 2008-2009 Wolverine: Old Man Logan comic book series in which an aged Wolverine lives in a dystopic world conquered by supervillains while riddled with guilt over the tragic fate of his fellow X-Men; something for which he blames himself.

Of course, based on what we already know about the film, serious deviations from the gritty, nightmarish vision of the future in the Old Man Logan comic series are inevitable. Since the mere presence of Xavier in the film is, itself, a major comic deviation, the context of the inclusion of Patrick Stewart’s classic character remains a mystery. However, the most crucial deviation will be the fact that – as teased in the post-credits sequence of the recent X-Men: Apocalypse – the third Wolverine film will have Hugh Jackman’s titular exiting adamantium-aligned badass tangling with the comic book series’ villainous genetic manipulator Nathaniel Essex, better known as Mr. Sinister.

Logan will look to give Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine a spectacular sendoff 17 years in the making with the help of a certain ornery wheelchair-bound telepath when the film hits theaters on March 3, 2017.

Source: Den of Geek


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