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Part of me doesn’t want a sequel, but damn if the original wasn’t one of the best action movies put forth in years…so I am unquestionably along for the ride as John Wick becomes a franchise. Here’s hoping they don’t mess it up. REC

31 mins ago
by Sean Fischer
in Movie News

The Dog is Alive in New John Wick: Chapter Two Official Photo
The first official photo from the upcoming “John Wick: Chapter Two” has been released, showing the titular assassin with a new canine companion in tow.

The film is of course the sequel to the 2014 “John Wick,” which starred Keanu Reeves. The film’s intense neon infused atmosphere and great Gun Fu heavy choreography made it a sleeper hit.

Given that most of the action in the first film took place in a nocturnal criminal underworld, it’s somewhat surprising to have the first official promotional image set during the daytime as Reeves walks over the Brooklyn Bridge. It looks more like a Humans of New York photo than our first look at the return of a lethal assassin. That said, John seems to have already gotten his hands dirty in this picture, as he’s covered in grime, and sports that familiar pensive gaze.



Details about the plot of the film have been scarce, but we do know that it does concern a matriarch of a criminal enterprise and her guard, played by rapper Common. Fans of the original film shouldn’t be too concerned however, since interviews indicate that they’re kicking the action up a notch in the sequel.

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“John Wick: Chapter Two” releases on February 10, 2017.


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