Ray Donovan – Season IV – Ep. 10 “Lake Hollywood”: A Review

Posted: 08/31/2016 in Uncategorized


With everything coming to a head, this ep rattled with manic energy. Ray (Liev Schreiber) is in the Russian mob’s crosshairs, namely those of Dmitri (Raymond J. Barry). This man is like none he has faced before and various examples are made illustrating this. With a few holy eff segments and some 5 star acting, we find ourselves poised for madness with the imminent release of the two final episodes. Now –  on to my review.

When last we left Ray, Avi (Steven Bauer) was in a precarious state. Dmitri tells him plainly to return his niece, Sonia (Embeth Davitz) to him or he will kill his friend. We see Sonia and her daughter fly off to safer ground upon this pronouncement. Ray then calls his war council and the fixer’s fixing is pretty damn stratospheric. With his diminished work force, Ray is forced to bring in Daryll (Pooch Hall) to back Lena (Kate Moennig). Lena’s pronouncement is delivered with due wrath. Lena and Avi, after all, are as much family as one can get without being related by blood. Avi’s “aren’t you? “ when Ray tells him he is not a soldier gains grim traction with this run. Ray’s masterstroke of using Dmitri’s art as leverage to free Avi is a necessity as he learns that Sonia had someone waiting for her upon landing which places her fate in doubt …or more likely one of certainty.

Ray prepares for war, bringing in the family as close together as he can. Mick (Jon Voigt) joins the fray with the knowledge that no one wants him around. Mickey shares a moment of truth with Ray. After discovering what happened at Primm’s house, Ray responds to Mick’s “I never wanted anyone to get hurt” with “they always do though, don’t they?” Telling Mick to put his family first however is both fair and unfair as the old man was willing to go to jail to protect everyone. His actions with Bunchy (Dash Mihok) however still illustrate that he is a slave to his own impulse driven needs. His “just wanting his share” is puerile and costly.

While Ray pulls everyone together, Terry gets some face time via the Hector Campos arc. In true Biderman –era style, arcs now seamlessly intersect. Terry’s evening with Maureen (Tara Buck) yields some good moments, including his poetic declaration about love when speaking of the aftermath of his being shot and advising her that she is “beautiful”.  Officer Maureen works well with Terry as both are well…odd…but in a good way. He invites her to a gala event for the imminent comeback of toxic Hector (Ismael Cruz-Cordova) and she eventually agrees. When he tells her she is beautiful once again, she plainly states “you said that already.” As with the case of Bunchy and Teresa (Alyssa Diaz), you pull for Terry to gain some measure of happiness knowing that he is still under the Donovan curse. His defiance of Ray’s edict to return to Calabasis is vintage Terry. He makes his stand and sticks to it.  Terry strives to keep  Hector focussed but constant reaching out from the uber toxic Marisol (Lisa Bonet) undermines this tremendously. Terry pushes Campos team to step up their game, but they have been where they are for far too long. His manager puts it succinctly “welcome to team Campos”.  Terry’s attempt to drag Hector back into the light is met with Hector’s “Mari-solving” some matters.

Terry’s arc then intersects with Ray’s in that the fixer is once again called upon to fix. While currently juggling the Campos business, Ray brokers a meeting with Dmitri and finds that Sonia’s warnings were accurate. Ray works on turning the Russians’ lawyer, Jacob Waller (Gabriel Mann) to negative effect. Dmitri flexes his own muscles pushing for a meeting with a Hollywood action star via Ray. That the action star in question fronted a movie called “Kremlin Bleeds” in which he single- handed-ly annihilated hundreds of evil Russians is brought to bear as Ray accedes to his will.

Abby (Paula Malcolmson) shares some good moments with Mickey as she shares an earlier declaration by Ray that was heart-rendingly delivered and earns Mick’s “that’s beautiful’. Mickey and Abby have an honest relationship. She tells him plainly that she loves him because he is the father of her husband. The acting exhibited between these two is superb and an expected standard. Teresa telling Bunchy that they will die if they stay is poignantly stated and earns his acknowledgement that the two will leave with their daughter after this latest horror is through.

This was a powerful capper setting the stage for the final two runs. Ray is at a stalemate of sorts with a different kind of enemy he can’t easily overcome. Barry’s Dmitri is cold, calculating and ruthless. Neither man will budge and the notion of an irresistible force meeting an immovable object is gamely presented as the older man tells Ray to “figure it out” as to how he can get out from under him. Ray’s closing actions and ending phone conversation set the stage for what stands to be another epic penultimate episode. RD is back on track. It is assuredly simply outstanding and well worth your time.


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