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Among the most hotly contested questions of the modern day concerns the notorious species of the TV reboot. Endeavored to the end of disappointment and controversy in the cases of shows like The X-Files and Arrested Development, the trade of reincarnating dead series has certainly earned its share of skepticism. Unwilling to submit to the notion that its old favorites are forever committed to oblivion, the enterprising peddlers at HBO seem to have come up with a loophole: TV movies. After breaching the big screen with disparately satisfying attempts at Sex & the Cityand Entourage, the network has opted to produce TV movie follow-ups to prematurely concluded programs like Looking, which premiered this past June, and Deadwood.

For some time now, parties involved with the Western drama have espoused the suggestion thatDeadwood might find new life as a film. Updates on these rumblings came earlier this year, whenHBO confirmed the rumors outright, and series star Ian McShane vocalized intentions to board the project. Only now, though, are we hearing word that a script has been written — and what’s more, that it’s good.

That estimation comes straight from the mouth of Joanie Stubbs herself. Kim Dickens, in conversation with Entertainment Weekly, revealed that she had recently met with Deadwood creator David Milch to discuss the prospect of the film in question. During their meeting, Milch read a few pages of his developing Deadwood movie script to Dickens, ostensibly wowing her.

“We sat at lunch and he read a few scenes to me between Stubbs, Tolliver, and Jane,” she toldEW. “He read all the parts. It was amazing, it was funny, it was sad. It was all that it was.”

Apparently, Dickens is not the only former cast member to have met with Milch under such circumstances; though she neglected to drop any names, Dickens told EW that “lots of us have had our lunches with him.” She added, “I just know that everybody would do whatever they could to be a part of it.”

Dickens couldn’t predict exactly when a Deadwood movie might come together, but she did admit to inferring that the network would be “aiming for sooner than later.” Sure, it may not be much, but it’s something to hang your top hat on.

Are you looking forward to a Deadwood movie? Let us know!

Featured Image: HBO


Source: Nerdist


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