David Meunier Joins Arrow Cast for Season V:)

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Oh sure, he might be typecast, but he is always solid and as “Johnny Crowther” on Justified, he was top tier.  Looking forward to see what he brings as a Russian mobster. His role in “Equalizer” will serve him well.  REC


Arrow Adds Justified Veteran for Season 5
13 hours agoby in TV News

Star City is getting a new crime boss.

Actor David Meunier, best known for his role as Johnny Crowder on FX’s “Justified,” has been cast in a recurring role in “Arrow” Season 5 on The CW, according to Deadline.

Meunier is set to play Russian crime boss, Ishmael Gregor. Created by Judd Winick and Tom Raney, Gregor made his DC Comics’ debut in “Outsiders” #8 in March 2004. Power hungry to his core, Gregor and his men hunted down Sabbac, a demonic entity in human form known as Timothy Karnes. Once caught, Gregor performed a ritual on Karnes, transferring the powers of Sabbac to Gregor, killing Karnes (and a busload of civilians) in the process.

Unlike the comics, “Arrow” will be focusing less on Gregor’s supernatural side and more on his more “human” pursuits according to Deadline. This lines up with recent comments by “Arrow” co-showrunner Wendy Mericle about Season 5 shifting away from magic.

Meunier’s addition expands an already significantly larger cast of characters for Season 5 of “Arrow.” Joining the previously announced additions of actress Carly Pope, playing Coast City reporter (and sister-in-law to a certain Hal Jordan) Susan Williams, and actor Tyler Ritter, cast as Detective Malone (replacement for Paul Blackthrone’s Captain Lance, who isn’t leaving the show) of the Star City Police Department.

“Arrow” returns for Season 5 October 5 on The CW.


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