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Death Wish Remake Sees Vincent D’Onofrio Join Bruce Willis

News Joseph Baxter

8/26/2016 at 3:36PM

Eli Roth’s upcoming Bruce Willis-starring remake of vigilante classic Death Wish adds Vincent D’Onofrio to its cast.

One of the more fascinating remake/reboot films out there in Hollywood’s pre-production ether is Death Wish. With the helmer of the Hostel series Eli Roth attached as the director and Bruce Willis set to star, we could witness a genre-bending bloodbath that complements the classic franchise’s existing revenge and justice fulfilment catharses. Now, this most intriguing of remakes adds an exciting cast addition who recently received some relevant onscreen experience with vigilantes.

According to Deadline, Roth’s Death Wish has just nabbed the one and only Vincent D’Onofrio for an unnamed role. Regardless of which part he’ll ultimately fill, D’Onofrio’s casting makes for an auspicious acquisition, especially coming off the recent momentum that he’s garnered for his methodical, pathologically powerful performance as the iconic Marvel Comics villain Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin on Netflix’s Daredeviltelevision series. Consequently, the possibility exists that D’Onofrio might be riding that Kingpin momentum into Death Wish as the villainous focus of the vengeance that Willis’s vigilante Paul Kersey will inevitably reap.

Death Wish was, of course, a franchise-building success that rejuvenated the career of its star in the late veteran actor Charles Bronson with his unforgettable performance as Paul Kersey, a New York City architect and Korean War veteran put on a dark path of vigilante vengeance after a home invasion saw his daughter raped and killed and his wife left comatose. Based on the novel by Brian Garfield, the five-film series (the last of which arrived in 1994,) carried a contemporaneous moral clarity that certainly feels antiquated in contrast to contemporary sensibilities. Thus, it will be interesting to see how the franchise looks after being put through the sadistic, crimson-splashing, flesh-spilling lens of horror director Eli Roth and new Kersey in Bruce Willis.

Besides the aforementioned Daredevil role, prospective Death Wish co-star D’Onofrio has fielded a vast array of great parts over the decades, notably forming an indelible impression as the shell-shocked “Pvt. Pyle” in Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket, his decade-long run on Law & Order Criminal Intent and playing the droopy, villainous skinsuit to a giant alien cockroach in the original Men in Black. He also has several projects booked, including this fall’s remake of The Magnificent Seven and a role as the Wizard himself in the upcoming television series rendition of The Wizard of Ozcalled Emerald City.

Death Wish will reportedly begin production on September 26 in Montreal and Chicago.


Source: Den of Geek


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