Dave Grohl is Busy

Posted: 08/25/2016 in Uncategorized

Watch Dave Grohl Join Prophets of Rage for Frenetic MC5 Cover

Foo Fighters singer revisit 1960s classic “Kick out the Jams” with supergroup

Dave Grohl and Prophets of Rage performed a live rendition of MC5’s “Kick out the Jams.”

Dave Grohl made a surprise appearance during a Prophets of Rage show in Toronto on Wednesday.

The Foo Fighters frontman set up camp center stage with a brightly colored guitar and plowed through a growly version of MC5’s “Kick out the Jams,” originally released in 1969. As Grohl and Morello pounded out the track’s crude guitar riffs, Chuck D and B-Real waved and clapped enthusiastically.

The debut EP from Prophets of Rage arrives tomorrow, August 26th. The group is in the early stages of theMake America Rage Again tour, which touches down at Brooklyn’s Barclay’s Center on Saturday. The band will continue to zigzag across the country for most of September and October.

Tim Commerford, who plays bass for Prophets, is also serving as the opening act on the tour as a member of the trio Wakrat. “I’m so proud of what I’m doing in both bands,” Commerford told Rolling Stone. “[O]ne is more of a physical strain, the Prophets of Rage is more an aerobic, musical, bass-player thing. Whereas Wakrat is more of a mental strain for my brain and for my heart, you know. It’s different and I’m excited to see how it works out.”

Source: Rolling Stone


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