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The Crow Reboot Might Actually Happen With Jason Momoa

I can’t begin to list the reasons this shouldn’t happen and it has nothing to do with Jason Momoa. Just let it go guys! This was a wondrous one off and should stand as such, an epitaph to the son of a martial arts legend who could have become a legend himself.  REC


News Mike Cecchini

8/10/2016 at 12:52PM

It looks like Jason Momoa will star in The Crow reboot.

Is Jason Momoa taking the lead in The Crow? Maybe. It certainly seems that way, but that’s only if you actually believe that The Crow reboot will ever actually go before the cameras.

Here’s what first aroused suspicion, via Jason Momoa’s Instagram…

So, unless Corin Hardy is looking for a part for a project that hasn’t been announced, this sure seems like Jason Momoa is up for something big in The Crow. Mashablehas sources claiming that Mr. Momoa is indeed going to work on The Crow, and that it won’t interfere with plans for both Justice League movies as well as the Aquaman solo flick.

Just a quick history lesson: Luke Evans was going to be the lead, until he wasn’t. Then Jack Huston was going to wear the make-up, but a “scheduling conflict” did that in. Corin Hardy has been attached to direct since 2014, but then he wasn’t, but then it turned out he still was, and now, despite recent trouble with the production company, he apparently still is.

Now, virtually nothing could be further from the tortured, gothic, fey traditional vision of Eric Draven than Jason Momoa. But if we’re going for something that’s a little less Cure and a little more Metallica this time around, then maybe it will work. And there’s no doubting Momoa’s magnetism.

Anyway, until I’m sitting in a seat with a bucket of popcorn, I may not believe that The Crow is actually happening. Now, good luck to them trying to top the 1994 version’s soundtrack.


Source: Den of Geek


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