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Ah, Cordy, glad you are back in any case;) REC

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Andrew Paul, Contributing Writer

A new name can apparently be added to the cast of “Lucifer” as the clock ticks down towards its new season on FOX. Actress Charisma Carpenter (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer,”“Charmed”) posted photos on Instagram from the set of the hit comic book adaptation along with captions stating, “So this is happening! … You’ve been warned.”

While there’s been no official word from Warner Bros. or Fox, and her role on the show remains unknown, the selfie with show star Tom Ellis along with shots of official set chairs are a pretty solid casting announcement.

Based on the recurring DC Comics/Vertigo character, “Lucifer” is a dark comedy, supernatural police procedural focusing on the fallen angel after he abdicates his throne in Hell to open a Los Angeles piano bar. In his spare time, Lucifer Morningstar helps the LAPD find and punish criminals. The new season debuts on September 19.


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