Sleepy Hollow Season IV Update…

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Sleepy Hollow Season 4 Adds Villain

News Elizabeth Rayne

8/3/2016 at 4:44PM

The Apocalypse is still coming in Sleepy Hollow season 4.

Friday officially announced Sleepy Hollow Season 4 back in May—now with a new villain. Legions of disappointed “Sleepyheads” are still mourning the death of the Witness who was one-half of the show’s main pulse, but it may help to know that Nicole Beharie’s character wasn’t just written out on a whim. The actress no longer wanted to be on the show, and was nearly written out in the midseason finale, though the network decided to wait. It explains Abbie’s surrender to an all-consuming evil in that fateful Pandora’s Box scene.

So where is Ichabod (Tom Mison) left after losing his fellow Witness? Fox is keeping season 4 in the crypt for now, but season 3 left some tantalizing clues as to what we can expect. When Ichabod visits Abbie’s grave, he is approached by a character shrouded in mystery. The man turns out to be none other than her father, Papa Mills, who may or may not be entangled with the occult. In any case, he seems to have an eerily extensive knowledge of magical artifacts and warding off demons.

The grieving Ichabod learns he is in peril. As Papa Mills explains, there must always be two Witnesses. In the case of Abbie’s death, her duties, along with a fragment of her departed soul, are passed to the next in line. Ichabod is warned that he had better set out to find the next Witness—before “they” do.

“They” would include Lucifer and Hannibal bad boy Jeremy Davies, who has just emerged from the shadows as Crane’s new nemesis Malcolm Dreyfuss (via TV Line). The sociopathic billionaire tech mogul who clawed his way to the executive chair before hitting 30 (and  wants to venture into more sinsister types of world domination) is something of a Dorian Gray to the righteous Ichabod. His warped ideas of what capitalism and democracy should be reflect the corrupted version of Crane’s values that would have the Founding Fathers tossing in their graves.

While diehard Sleepyheads may still be recovering from the shock, we don’t need magic to foretell that Sleepy Hollow season 4 is going to follow a twisting, turning path. No premiere date has been announced yet, but we’ll update this when we get more.

Source: Den of Geek


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