Let The Games Begin:)

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Ah, David Ayer, a note of disrespect recently and now a touch of pique and pretension. Off to a rousing start, amigo:) REC


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Anthony Couto, Assistant Editor

Director David Ayer has taken to Twitter to comment on the mixed reviews of “Suicide Squad.”The acclaimed helmer addressed the negativity surrounding the film in a single tweet quoting Mexican revolutionary Emiliana Zappata:

Prefiero morir de pie que vivir de rodillas – Emiliano Zapata

The quote translates, “I’d prefer to die standing, than to live on my knees.” Clearly, with the quote, Ayer’s trying to say it doesn’t matter to him whether or not the critics liked “Suicide Squad” — because he didn’t make it for them.

“Suicide Squad” box office projections have been on the rise lately — with the latest report estimating a $130-140 million opening weekend — but reviews could put the film in danger of performing poorly. Additionally, “Suicide Squad” has to course correct Warner Bros.’ DC Films universe, after the less-than-well-received “Batman: v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

We’ll find out when “Suicide Squad” opens this weekend if the mixed reaction has any impact on the movie’s box office performance…

(via ComicBookMovie, ScreenRant)


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