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Comic BooksTV
Anthony Couto, Assistant Editor

In a new interview, “The Walking Dead”creator Robert Kirkman opened up about the online hate he’s received, saying it’s been a daily occurrence for more than 15 years.

While Kirkman knows he could pursue legal action against some of the attackers, he doesn’t see it as worth his time. “I could ask the police to trace the person but it is probably no danger,” Kirkman said. “It can be very scary if it is from a 35-year-old man with a lot of knives who knows where I live. But it can also be a 13 year old highly emotional girl… We’ll see if I survive, but I do not think anyone is going to hurt me here.”

“I can say banana split in social media, and they respond, ‘Go to hell, we want soft ice cream. You will die!’ I take it with a grain of salt. People have been saying disgusting things to me for so long now that I have become desensitized. I use it as a tool. You get a sense of what the audience likes and dislikes, and what path they want the action to take.”


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