Was There Ever Any Doubt:)?

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The Simpsons Endorse Hillary Clinton for President

News Tony Sokol

8/1/2016 at 1:43PM
Homer Simpson changes party affiliations after 3 a.m. booty call.

The Simpsons are picking a winner and not like last time when Springfield stuck a finger up Ralph Wiggum’s nose in a search a possible candidate for the presidential seat. The U.S. presidential election takes place on November 8 and the Marge “can’t make love until I’ve decided who to vote for.”

In a parody of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 Democratic primary ad, America’s favorite yellow-skinned family decide which candidate they would prefer to “take the 3 A.M. phone call.”  And it’s the one who wears the same string of pearls as Lisa and Marge Simpson. I know that could be either of the them, but in this case it’s Hillary.

A Hillary Clinton presidency would see former president and first-husband hopeful Bill handling the phone when the Situation Room call comes.

“The situation room? I’ll be right there,” the ever-enthusiastic ex-president slick Willie says before we see his face fall and he hands the phone to Hillary. “Oh, it’s for you,” he offers. “Yes, from now on, it’s always for me,” President Clinton reminds him.

Three ayem is when President Donald Trump has a tweeting about exiling Elizabeth Warren for tweeting too much penciled in. The presumptive Republican candidate, who is trying to get through his copy of the book Great Speeches by A. Hitler, jumps right into action, hitting ignore on the situation room call and directing his handlers to “Put my name on the Lincoln memorial, disband NATO and make me some scrambled eggs on gold plates.”

After Trump gets his face spray painted on and puts the puppy on his dome that makes for his identifiable hairdo, he boldly decides to build a great wall to protect the United States against China. A sea wall.

Homer had planned to vote for Trump to fulfill the prophecy from an earlier season of The Simpsons that predicted President Lisa Simpson would succeed the Donald.

“If that’s your vote, I question whether I can ever be with you again,” Marge worries and puts Santa’s Little Helper between them in the bed.

“And that’s how I became a Democrat,” he says proudly.

The Simpsons have always been equal opportunity offenders when it comes to their liberally conservative political parodies. This time it appears, one side is a little more equal than the other.

The ad was “Paid for by Americans who are really starting to miss Obama.”



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