Mike Colter on Luke Cage

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Mike Colter stars in Marvel's Luke Cage. (Handout photo)

‘Luke Cage’ star Mike Colter thrilled fabled Marvel character getting his own show

Jul 28, 2016

, Last Updated: 2:07 PM ET

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – When dreaming of superpowers, most of us come up with some pretty elaborate, exciting and extravagant ways in which we would use them.

Not Mike Colter, who plays the lead character in the upcoming Netflix seriesMarvel’s Luke Cage.

Asked if he ever would want Luke Cage’s superpowers, Colter replied, “Yeah, it’s not bad. If you had his powers, you look normal. It’s just your skin’s unbreakable and you can run for a long period of time and you can lift up heavy things.

“I could open up a moving company or something like that. It’d be easy. I’d be by myself, low overhead. Bring a truck. Pick everything up and put it on the truck and unload it. One guy. Do it in a couple of hours. Pretty good hustle.”

Opening up a moving company with low overhead? THAT’S the first thing that comes to your mind, Mike Colter?

Luckily, Marvel’s Luke Cage dreams a bit bigger.

Debuting Sept. 30 on Netflix (all 13 episodes will be released simultaneously), Marvel’s Luke Cage obviously focuses on the title character, who was introduced to the viewing audience in another Netflix series, Marvel’s Jessica Jones, starring Krysten Ritter.

Marvel’s Luke Cage is the third of four Marvel series, coming after Marvel’s Daredevil and the afore-mentioned Marvel’s Jessica Jones. Following Marvel’s Luke Cage will be Marvel’s Iron Fist, which all leads up to a teaming of the four title characters in Marvel’s The Defenders. I know, I know, quit saying Marvel.

Despite the path for this endeavour being mapped out ahead, Colter said that as an actor patience is a virtue.

“Going into Jessica (Jones), some people might go, ‘Oh, I’m going to have my own show, I can’t wait to get this Jessica Jones part out (of the way),’ ” Colter said. “But I think you have to be an equal follower. If you can follow, you can lead.”

A lot of politicians should learn that lesson.

After a sabotaged experiment leaves Luke Cage with super strength and unbreakable skin, he becomes a fugitive trying to rebuild his life in modern-day Harlem. But of course he’s pulled out of the shadows to fight for the heart of his city, confronting a past he had tried to bury.

“Less is more sometimes,” said Colter, talking about how often we’ll see Luke using his superpowers. “When you know he has the power, and you’ve established that, you don’t want to see it used all the time.

“And there’s also the fact that, he doesn’t want to be looked at as a freak. He’s not walking around doing carnival tricks. He doesn’t want the attention. He’s trying to avoid these little moments when he has to display his power.”

The subtleties of a reluctant hero are what Colter enjoys most about the role, rather than just the brute strength. And the circumstances have been right for Colter to really make the character his own, too, which isn’t always the case in the superhero world.

“Luckily this character, even though it was well known, and pop culture had a good idea of who they thought he was, he had never been brought to life on screen,” Colter said. “There was no predecessor. I didn’t have to figure out how I was going to make it different from such-and-such who had already played him 10 years earlier. So I felt like we were kind of creating him from scratch.

“There wasn’t a bad movie that had been done, and we were going, ‘Let’s just see if we can make this better.’ There wasn’t another (TV) series that had been done and 20 years later we wanted to reboot it.

“We just said, this is a character that we’re going to make fresh and new and relevant to today, and applicable to this culture.”

But will Luke Cage ever have the business initiative to start his own moving company? That’s the practical question. Low overhead. I hear it’s a pretty good hustle.

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