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Agents of SHIELD’s Adrianne Palicki Joins Seth MacFarlane Live-Action Space Series

News Joseph Baxter

7/29/2016 at 2:41PM

With Adrianne Palicki’s SHIELD spinoff hopes nixed, the actress will board a live-action space series starring Seth MacFarlane.

Adrianne Palicki has experienced the rollercoaster trials and tribulations of the television industry. After all, just a few years back, she was supposed to be this generation’s new Wonder Woman in a heralded, but ultimately scrapped David E. Kelley pilot. Thus, with her recent run as another comic book heroine Bobbi Morse/Mockingbird on Agents of SHIELD hitting an anticlimactic cul-desac after spinoff plans recently fell apart, the actress is rebounding with a live-action TV project that takes her into space… with that Family Guy guy.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Palicki has booked a trip on a fictional starship as the co-lead of an untitled Fox television project that is being described as a dramedy series set 300 years in the future, following the explorative exploits of an interstellar fleet. The primary ship of the show is called the Orville and Palicki will play its brand new first officer named Kelly Grayson. She will work alongside the Captain, simply known as “Ed,” who will be played onscreen by none other than man responsible forFamily Guy, American Dad, The Cleveland Show and the Ted films, Seth MacFarlane. The catch? First Officer Grayson is Captain Ed’s ex-wife.

Of course, MacFarlane is also the creator of this project, serving the dual role of star and executive producer for the hour-long series, mixing elements of sci-fi drama with his signature brand of sophisticated sophomoric humor. Exercising that exec-producer prerogative, MacFarlane has cast one his regulars in Scott Grimes to play Gordon, Ed’s best friend and the ship’s pilot. Grimes appeared on Justified and provides voices onFamily Guy and American Dad.

MacFarlane’s most recent foray in the live-action realm, starring in and directing the 2014 Western box-office flop A Million Ways to Die in the West, opposite Charlize Theron, didn’t exactly have consumers screaming for more. However, the folks at Fox Television, who certainly have had a long and lucrative relationship with MacFarlane, didn’t waste any time lollygagging over his project, giving the series a greenlight back in May with an immediate 13-episode commitment.

This show represents yet another genre notch on the belt of the former Friday Night Lights actress Palicki, after having been part of an immense array of sci-fi films and televisions shows. She recently took a memorable villainess turn opposite Keanu Reeves in the celebrated 2014 action filmJohn Wick and was the cinematicrealization of the classic character Lady Jaye in 2013’s G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Interestingly enough, Palicki even provided a voice role in a 2010 episode of Family Guy. Joining MacFarlane on this genre-experimental journey could allow her to delve into the realm of comedy without straying too far from her action/dramatic wheelhouse.

In the meantime, Palicki’s new gig certainly cements the idea that her sexual-tension-teeming SHIELD spinoff with Nick Blood, Most Wanted, has crumbled to pieces like someone experiencing an incompatible Terrigen Mist exposure.

Source: Den of Geek


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