Stephen King Project + Hants County, NS = Win:)

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Filming begins on The Mist TV series in Windsor

Special thanks to my missus, Connie, for bring this fact to my attention:) REC

Colin Chisholm
Published on July 27, 2016
 Published on July 27, 2016

Wait, is that a new store on Gerrish Street? Nope, it’s part of the set for Stephen King adaptation of The Mist.

WINDSOR – If things seem a bit more crowded in downtown Windsor, that may have something to do with the dozens of people working on The Mist television series.


A portion of Gray Street, between Gerrish Street and King Street, was closed to traffic July 27 to allow for the production to proceed.

Local businesses are being apprised of filming schedules and will remain open during production.

Windsor will be the site of many of the exterior shots, as well as some interior shots, for the Stephen King adapted series, which is going to be broadcast on Spike TV in the United States.

The network has ordered 10 episodes, to be shown in 2017.

The bulk of the filming in Nova Scotia will be done in Bedford. Filming is expected to wrap up in November 2016.


Source: Hants Journal


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