DMB at Molson Amphitheatre TO:)

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Dave Matthews Sets The Bar Impossibly High with Molson Ampitheatre Show:

Full moon in the night sky. Check. Wonderful acoustics in a can’t miss, every seat is gold venue – check. An incredible live demonstration in harmonics encompassing a myriad number of styles and tour de force players – check and double check. Celebrating his 25 year run, DMB put forth an astounding combination of old and new. Dave’s voice was in fine form. His band as always was tight. A star turn performance was issued by Tim Reynolds who again demonstrated he might be the most underrated guitarist out there. His varying styles, technical perfection and soulful, expansive riffs –  were a thing of beauty.

The music however is the heart of the thing. There is so much energy, all of it fluid and positive coming out of this group. Dave is its maestro but the band is one unified organism. Whether it is the ceaseless percussive excellence of Carter Beauford or the bayou driven stratospheric  seat of your pants  fiddle/violin prodigy that is Boyd Tinley, you will be wowed. At a two hour forty minute run and considering how hard and how much they played, you still had the feeling they could give you more and you wanted more. This is the mark of a legacy band. When they sing their swan song, we will not see their like again.

The Dave Matthews chatter that wasn’t quite as present in his 2010 show was ably demonstrated here. His opening with “Man, we’ve got a lot of crazy shit happening in my country”, referencing the racially fueled and ongoing shootings in the US. He advised us we were lucky…we are, we know it – before going into a powerful rendition of “When The World Ends” from  his “Big Whiskey” disc.

The set list was diverse:

  1. One Sweet World
  2. When the World Ends
  3. Seven
  4. The Idea of You
  5. #41
  6. Death on the High Seas
  7. Squirm
  8. You Might Die Trying
  9. Break Free
  10. Lie in Our Graves
  11. So Much to Say
  12. Bob Law
  13. What Would You Say
  14. Samurai Cop
  1. You & Me
  2. Why I Am
  3. Jimi Thing
  4. Sexy M.F.(Prince cover) (partial)

Followed by encore which featured:

  1. Sister
  2. Pantala Naga Pampa
  3. Rapunzel


It is impossible to not move to this music. You have jazz, blues, R & B soul, rock,pop and such a confluence of styles that one cannot walk away dissatisfied.The banter is equally part and  parcel of the Dave Matthews experience from his explanation of “Samurai Cop” being neither about a samurai or a cop to his musings on a spider on his microphone, the man is a master entertainer. Highlights of the night would be “You Might Die Trying” (new), “So Much to Say” which received a thunderous response, “You and Me” , “Why I Am” and the jazz/funk laden Sexy MF referencing the Prince classic. There are no down notes with the DMB experience. The ongoing master class extensive forays of sax, horns, bass  enhance an already expansive jam session. It is literally all good.

Stefan Lassard kills it with the bass (since 1991). Rashawn Ross’ horn/trumpet work was ostentatious, mercurial and dazzling. Jeff Coffin slays with the sax. Carter Beauford ‘s time keeping skills are incontestable. Holding court and keeping all things moving is of course, the man himself – Dave Matthews. The amphitheatre concert as expected delivered, proving unquestionably that DMB music is simply outstanding and well worth your time.



Extra note:

The Amphitheatre had an issue with heavy line ups with pre-purchased ticket pick ups which caused a bit of a log jam regarding fan attendance. The venue sent an apology email to to upset customers. It noted three things contributed to the massive line-up, including a “miscommunication between the venue at Ticketmaster.”

“There is a print-at-home function that should have been made available to lawn ticket holders once the deadline for standard mail delivery passed — this is approximately 2 weeks before the event date. However, this function was not active and we’re still looking into why this switch was not made,” read the e-mail from Amphitheatre guest services.

“There were ticket regulations enforced by the artist which imposed will-call pick-up for guests that purchased tickets in certain sections of the venue. Furthermore, fans that were looking to purchase tickets at the venue added to the lineup, causing the box office to have more than quadruple the amount of pick-ups than what we would usually see at a Dave Matthews Band event or any event at our venue.”

The venue said it wasn’t aware of the number of will-call pick-ups until about an hour after the doors opened, but when they found out, they added extra staff.

“The artist was also well aware of the situation and held back from taking the stage at their scheduled set time for 30 minutes, in order to allow more guests to enter and still catch as much of the show as possible,” the email said. (Source: Toronto Star)

*Dave Matthews  Band’s seemingly late arrival  (half hour late) was again a demonstration of their being a class act, trying to ensure fan satisfaction on all counts.



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