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Sherlock series 4: new on-set pic of Benedict Cumberbatch and a dog

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15 Jul 2016 – 09:45

Sherlock series 4: new on-set pic of Benedict Cumberbatch and a dog

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock is pictured with a new companion in this official BBC series 4 still…

Sherlock Holmes has joined the Bloodhound gang! No, he won’t be singing mildly offensive novelty rap in season 4, but as seen in this new on-set still from episode one, he’s going to have a canine companion:

Pic © Hartswood Films. Photographer: Robert Viglasky

So that explains the ‘bloodhound’ part of the ponderings below. What can we expect next? A shot of Watson wrestling a shark perhaps…


Rachel Talalay is one of the most exciting TV directors around at the moment. After helming Doctor Who‘s series 8 and series 9 finales, she headed to the USA to direct an episode of The Flash. Next, she shot Sherlock series 4 episode 1. We’re looking forward to seeing what she did with this whole new set of toys to play with.

On her Tumblr blog recently, Talalay shared this image, revealing a piece of crew swag from Sherlock series 4…

Sarah Peters designed this T-shirt using the BBC-approved key words ‘Bloodhound’ and ‘Shark’. Maybe this a clue of some sort. If it is, it’s a rather a cryptic one. Make of it what you will…

Sherlock series 4 release date

The likelihood is that January 2017 will be the date to circle in your calendars.


Source: Den of Geek


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