Another Character Teaser for Arrow Season V

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Don’t count on seeing any green ringed fellow flying about. REC


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Anthony Couto, Assistant Editor

“Arrow” has reportedly cast Carly Pope (“The Tomorrow People”) as a reporter from Coast City who, in the comics, is the sister-in-law of Green Lantern Hal Jordan.

According to TV Insider, Pope will play Coast City reporter Susan Williams — in the comics, the wife of Hal’s brother, Jim — who comes to Star City “looking to make a name for herself” by going after Oliver Queen for a “big story.”

Williams will make her debut in the third episode of “Arrow’s” fifth season.

Also joining the cast of “Arrow” is Tyler Ritter (“The McCarthys”) in a recurring role.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ritter is playing Detective Malone, a replacement for Captain Lance (Paul Blackthorne) on the Star City Police Department, for the upcoming fifth season. Blackthorne will continue to appear on the series as a regular, despite not operating on the police force.

The fifth season of “Arrow” has seen a lot of additions as of late, including Josh Segarra (“Chicago P.D.”) as a new district attorney, who in the comics is the hero Vigilante, Rick Gonzalez as the anti-hero Wild Dog and Chad Coleman (“The Walking Dead”) as a new gangster character named Tobias Church.

“Arrow” returns Wednesdays this fall on the CW.


Source: CBR


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