Karl Urban’s Ongoing Effort

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If it doesn’t happen, it won’t be due to Karl Urban not trying. Here’s hoping:) REC

Karl Urban Confirms Dredd 2 Is Being Considered

News Michael Ahr

6/21/2016 at 2:21PM

What has long been rumored has now been confirmed as Karl Urban shared details with Denver Comic Con visitors.

The rumors of a sequel to the much-hailed but under-viewed Dredd have long circulated, but if the judge himself is to be believed, the story is actually under development. Karl Urban was asked about the possibility of him being a part of aDredd 2 at Denver Comic Con 2016, and his response was perhaps less non-committal than expected.

Urban indicated in his Q&A panel that certain creatives are interested in the project and that he would definitely be aboard if the story had appeal. Another factor influencing the possibility of a sequel is which distribution model they would use. Dredd 2 could see its release on a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon but could also include another attempted theatrical release.

The 2012 release of Dredd had problems with publicity, according to Urban, but many viewers latched on to the film when the DVD was released. The first installment included Urban acting as the judge in a dystopian city of the future in which his word is law as well as Lena Headey of Game of Thrones as the drug lord villain, Ma-Ma.

With a relatively positive rating with both fans and critics, and with the recent resurgence in comic book based films, Dredd 2 could definitely find its audience, making Urban’s comments most welcome.

[SOURCE: ScienceFiction.com]


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