Jessica Jones Season II Update

Posted: 06/05/2016 in Uncategorized



Birch Street. Higgins Drive. Cobalt Lane. Season two. Holy crap, we finally have some details about Jessica Jones season two on today’s Nerdist News! Our very own Dan Casey sat down with Jessica Jones‘ showrunner, Melissa Rosenberg to get some hot goss on the series’ second installment straight from the ‘runner’s mouth! And, well, if you’re allergic to spoilers, you’re about to have a bad reaction, so turn back now, or grab your EpiPen and dive in.

Season one focused on Jessica’s major foe and ex-boyfriend (Abuser? Manipulator? Twisted Monster?) Kilgrave—whose power was using his mind control to manipulate everyone around him into doing his bidding, even manipulating Jessica into an abusive “relationship” which resulted in her murdering an innocent person (albeit while under his control). The season finale found Jessica gaining full control of herself, and for the first time, ever, holding power over Kilgrave.

But in those final moments, she made the decision to kill him, becoming the first person she ever chose to kill, which is sure to add a whole ‘nother layer to her PTSD in season two. Rosenberg mentioned that Jessica “feels that taking a life is a … life-changing experience,” so it looks like season two will follow Jessica as she puts the emotional pieces back together. Will this act drive her to even darker places?

Rosenberg also gave us some insight on how season two will veer away from needing to rely on having Krysten Ritter‘s Jessica Jones in every scene. Because season one did such a great job building up their secondary characters, season two will find those characters getting their own storylines. Do we smell a Trish episode in our future featuring our favorite Hellcat-in-waiting? Or maybe we’ll get to see Will Simpson fully transitioning into Nuke himself? We’ve already seen him downing handfuls of America pills, so it’s safe to say he’s on his way. And we did have that appearance of Claire Temple as the Night Nurse in the finale…

But what do you guys think? Do you think Jessica will be able to cope with committing murder? Do you think the Kilgrave effect is going to take her to darker places, paving the way for the many secondary characters to take the forefront? Are you guys secretly hoping for something totally different all-together?

Source: Nerdist


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