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Mike Mignola Talks Ending Hellboy, the Odds of Hellboy 3

News John Saavedra

5/31/2016 at 12:49PM

Mike Mignola doesn’t think Hellboy 3 will ever happen.

Mike Mignola shocked the comic book world back in December when he announced that his long-running Hellboy series would come to an end with Hellboy in Hell #10. Alas, Hellboy’s adventures in Hell finally come to a close tomorrow.

Speaking to The Guardian, Mignola shared his thoughts on the end of his run with the character and his plan to step away from comics for a year and paint. On the ending, Mignola said:

Hellboy in Hell, as originally conceived, was radically different than what I ended up doing. My thing of getting him off the world into hell was just so I could do these stories where he rambles around. But even by the end of issue five, I started realizing: “There’s this one big story we’re telling.” I tried to do standalone stories, but I’d had him kill off Satan, which I somehow thought wasn’t going to be a big deal, but the weight of that thing took over the book. So originally it was going to go on forever, and then it was going to be four books, and then I replotted it so it was three…And I guess by the end of issue eight, which is out, he’s sitting under a tree and it just suddenly felt like, “Oh. This is the end of the series.” There’s one big thing he has left to do, or maybe two.

The direction Mignola is taking the character would seem to tease Hellboy’s ascension into the role of ruler of Hell, a job he seemed destined for since the very beginning of the series. Mignola teased this possibility to CBR:

I can’t say. “Hellboy in Hell” #10 is an interesting one. It was a strange one to draw, because it is a sequence that I always knew I was going to do. I had a completely different way of doing it at one point, but it was something I always knew had to happen, and it was weird to finally do it.

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This turn of events for the character and Mignola’s change in artistic direction has caused some to speculate that the creator is indeed done with the character forever. Mignola is slightly more hopeful about the odds that he might return to do more Hellboystories in the future, although he’s not making any promises:

No, I’m not saying, “No.” In fact, the minute I finished the series, I said, “That’s the end of Hellboy in Hell, except I can still do this, this, this and this.” I can’t say too much, because I don’t want to cover what happens in Hellboy in Hell#10. He’s already dead. It’s very hard, if not impossible, to end this series where the character hasn’t been dead for years and continues to roam around. When a character dies in the Hellboy universe, they just become more interesting. And there is a lot of interesting stuff that can still happen with Hellboy. Some of it, I have plotted. I don’t know if I would go back and draw Hellboy again. I feel like, at least right now, that I have done what I can do but the writer part of me keeps going, “What about this story? And we made up this story.” And I’m like, “That’s great. Stack ’em up over there. And we’ll figure out what to do with them eventually.”

Mignola is a bit less optimistic about the future of the Hellboy movie franchise than he is his year of creative freedom as a writer. He told The Guardian the chances of seeingHellboy 3 don’t look good:

Occasionally there are still some discussions about film or TV, but I’ll believe it when I see it. There’s nothing I can do to make those things happen. I constantly get those people saying, “Are you going to make another movie? Make them do this! Make them do that!” I can’t make them do anything!

The fact that you got two of them was a miracle. You want $80m to make a movie starring Ron Perlman and it’s called Hellboy! How the hell did that thing ever get made? It shows the power of [Guillermo] del Toro. Back then, he was just a super enthusiastic guy who’d made a couple of pretty funky monster movies. But he was persuasive as hell and he fought like a dog to get these things made.

We’ll certainly miss Mignola penning and drawing Hellboy, but we’re excited to see what comes of his year of painting. Best of luck to Mr. Mignola!

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